The AF2 Baroque flute is made from ABS plastic and is the world’s first Flauto Traverso made from plastic. It is modelled on the original ‘Grenser’ one-key flute design from the 18th century and is finished in matt black with ivory trim to resemble Grenadilla wood. The plastic construction, in contrast to wood, makes this instrument lightweight, easy to maintain and above all, affordable. It has a range almost as vast as a normal flute; the lowest note is d’ (one note above middle c) and the highest is a”’ (2.5 octaves above). It has 6 finger keyholes, one thumb keyhole and one actual ‘key’ which is the ‘little finger key’ on a normal flute. A detailed fingering chart is included. The instrument has modern pitching (A=440Hz) and is therefore suitable for use in ensembles with other modern instruments. It is supplied with all of the necessary cleaning accessories, joint grease and a durable soft case.

Product Features

  • Stunning baroque flute in simulated grenadilla wood with ivory trim
  • Standard modern pitch a=440hz with a graceful sound
  • Ideal for early music ensembles where baroque pitching is not required
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Supplied in a soft case with cleaning accessories