The AP-30TC is a double re-entrant loudspeaker which delivers 30 watts of continuous power handling, superior intelligibility and unparalleled audio conversion-efficiency. The AP-30TC operates within a nominal frequency range of 300Hz – 12kHz and offers a sensitivity of 126dB at rated power to provide clear voice and signal communication. The AP-30TC each features an integral transformer to meet a variety of distributed system needs. The AP-30T is equipped with a versatile, 3-way, 25, 70.7, 100V line transformer. Transformer is adjustable using Atlas Sound’s exclusive Vari-Tap Connect Center which features a 7-position, watts / impedance selection switch. The labor saving Vari-Tap terminal is screwdriver adjustable and includes a protective cover with built-in strain relief. The trademarked square bell design signifies Atlas Sound quality and reliability. The Omni-Purpose mounting bracket (included on all models) allows precise positioning in the vertical and horizontal planes with a single adjustment and provides for installation of the loudspeaker on conventional surfaces or by strap-mounting to I-beams or pillars. AP Series loudspeakers are U.S. made to assure superior service reliability. Weather-resistant construction is metal and matching ABS plastic with metal components finished in grey epoxy (standard) or beige epoxy if suffixed with (C) where noted.

Product Features

  • – Superior Intelligibility for Voice and Tone Signaling. – Wide Frequency Response for Optimum Sound Quality.
  • – Environment Resistant for Outdoor and Indoor Use. – Omni-Purpose Bracket for Precise Positioning.
  • – Choice of 8 Ohm or Transformer (T) Equipped Models for Versatile 25, 70.7, or 100V Line Applications.
  • – U.S. Trademark Design is World Recognized for Quality and Dependability.