Model: 4/4 light painting Violin (Oil Varnish)
Color: Tiger Yellow
Body material: Solidwood
Back material: Solid wood maple wood
Top material: Solid wood maple wood
Side material: Solid wood maple wood
Neck material: Copy Ebony
Pegs material: Boxwood
Bow material: Arbor
String material: High-grade Steel
Number of strings: 4
Item weight: About 15.90OZ(450g)
Package weight: About 47.70OZ(1350g)
Item dimensions: About 22.83 x 8.66 x 1.57 IN (L x W x H)
Package dimensions: About 31.50 x 10.24 x 4.72 IN (L x W x H)

Package Include:
1 x 4/4 Brown violin
1 x Bow
1 x Rosin
1 x Cleanning cloth
1 x Violin box

1. Pay attention to the violin bridge when you adjusting the tone, do not tilt it.
2. Pay attention to the violin bridge position when you adjusting the strings, should make violin bridge feet pointing to the center of two holes inside the gap, and on both sides of the holes is equal to the distance.
3. The bow horsetail without use should be relaxed. New bow horsetail should be rub the rosin before use, and after use, the bow horsetail should be relaxed.
4. If you prepare not use the violin a period time, you should put the strings be relaxed. But do not relaxed too much. So as not to pour the violin bridge.
5. Violin parts should be in a normal state, such as the discovery of the strings and violin bridge position are moving, loosening of the chin rest, you should adjust them to use, such as sound column fell to according to its proper place made good use, so as to avoid damage to the board of the piano and affect the timbre.
6. The violin should be placed in a dry place, pay attention to moisture, also do not put in place near the heating or sun.

Product Features

  • High-grade solidwood and fine workmanship
  • 4/4 size, equipped with a set of various accessories
  • It is decorated with tiger stripes and Maple solid wood Oil Varnish painting
  • A set of high grade strings make decent sounds
  • Suitable for both beginners and professional players