25-mini-key Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with 3-waveform VCO, Overtone Generator, Steiner-Parker Filter, Step Sequencer, and Modulation Matrix – Limited-edition Creation Edition

Product Features

  • Stunning, inspiring, limited edition design: MicroBrute Creation is here to get noticed, with metallic trim and a striking full-face design, this is the perfect synth to set you aside from the crowd
  • Pure analog power: MicroBrute features a raw, 100% analog signal path
  • Steiner-Parker filter: refine MicroBrute’s tone with this sweet-sounding output filter
  • Small size: 25 mini-key, velocity sensitive keyboard, and a tiny footprint let this tiny synth fit into any setup
  • Simple but versatile: saw, triangle, and square wave VCO modes, and ultra-saw, pulse width, and metalizer waveshapers