Arturia 540301 Microbrute 25 Mini Key Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with 3 Waveform VCO (RED Edition) with Synthesizer Midi Cable and Synthesizer Polishing Cloth (Special Red Edition synthesizer keyboard Bundle)

The Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer may be minuscule, but it delivers a staggering range of sonic possibilities. B01HQUOL9W The MicroBrute features a single VCO with three waveforms you can mix at will, three waveshapers, an overtone generator, a classic Steiner-Parker filter, and Arturia’s infamous Brute Factor. You also get a step sequencer and a Mod Matrix that gives you tons of modulation options and connectivity with other synths.synthesizer keyboard, midi synthesizer, digital synthesizer, cheap synthesizer, best synthesizer, cheap synthesizer, This is real-deal, hands-on, semi-modular mono synth mojo at an unbeatable price, With all this going for it, the Arturia MicroBrute makes an ideal first synth.At the heart of MicroBrute is its voltage-controlled oscillator. With three mixable waveforms, you can creatively shape your sound in countless ways. Along with the Saw, Triangle and Square waves, MicroBrute gives you waveshapers – Ultrasaw, Pulse Width, Metalizer – that modify and animate the sound, for an incredibly broad palette of sonic possibilities. A Steiner-Parker filter is onboard to help give the MicroBrute its unique sound. First used on the classic Synthacon synthesizer in the 1970s, this diode ladder filter gives you lowpass, bandpass and highpass modes that deliver a staggering range of sonic possibilities. If you want to craft behemoth basses and snarling leads, you’ve found your axe.The MicroBrute’s step sequencer is a compositional tool that will open up new creative avenues. Step-input notes and rests to easily build interesting rhythmic patterns, then transpose your sequences up and down using the keyboard. synthesizer keyboard bundle includes synthesizer headphones, synthesizer cable and synthesizer keyboard Cloth

Product Features

  • 25 mini-key velocity-sensitive keybed synthesizer keyboard
  • 100% analog signal path, amazing flexibility, incredibly affordable! midi synthesizer
  • Waveshapers modify and animate your sounds, for a broad palette of sonic possibilities
  • Overtone generator delivers additional harmonics, from one octave down to a fifth up ,keyboard synthesizer arturia bundle
  • Arturia’s infamous Brute Factor lets you dial in dangerous distortion, synthesizer music, synthesizer headphones, synthesizer keyboard