Ox bone peony carving flower to be decorated on the head of pipa, which is of fine and smooth beauty. And appropriate streamline design offers players comfortable hand feelings.Through inlaying bones ,grinding and polishing, the tuning peg can adjust to accurate size and the sound is stable. The strings is not easy to break and it is more durable。The bridge is made by sophisticated craftsmen, which offers beautiful effect. Fabulous resin carving of the sound hole is not only beautifying pipa, but also amplifying the effect.Using high-grade material make the sound loud and clear。This product is the best choice for you learning and playing.

Product Features

  • Material: high-class rosewood
  • Headdress flower:peony
  • Panel:super fine paulownia wood
  • Use: study, performance, collection and present
  • Store condition: ventilation, dryness, clean, without peculiar smell and sun avoidance