School Specialty Wooden Rainstick measures 10 in that will mesmerize with their gentle sound along with smooth feel. Rainstick is slender enough for even small hands to catch and shake as well as producing the rush of rain.

Product Features

  • School Specialty offers a Wooden Rainstick that will mesmerize listeners with its gentle sound and smooth feel. The rainstick is slender enough for even small hands and encourages large or small group participation. It features a crocheted yarn wrapped around the top of the stick. Measures 10 inches. Yarn colors and shades of wood may vary. Sorry, no color choice.
  • Provides a calming affect through soft natural rain-like sounds
  • Use caution with small hands, the stick may feel slightly rough to the touch
  • Works great as a shaker or a rattle
  • Created with a clear sealant for a smoother finish