MSRP: $150 Sale price $89.99!!! Double hollow ground Designed by Made in Spain. Our maker’s family is a legendary family of Spanish blacksmiths They have been making knives and tools in Catral, Spain, since 1860 Our carbon steel knives are artisanally made and 100% hand-forged Super hard carbon-steel alloy, 62-64 HRC, thus, knives stay sharp longer The handle is made of high-quality laminated hardwoods This handle not only looks great, but is also is rock-strong and washable! Our knives are to be sharpened flat on whetstones Perfect for right and left handed people Please, protect our knives with our custom knife sheaths **Would you like to see a video of our blacksmith making our knives? Contact us!

Product Features

  • Specifically designed for bassoon reed making, NOT A GENERIC REED KNIFE
  • Legendary family of Spanish blacksmiths–SINCE 1860–
  • Double hollow ground:
  • Hardest carbon-steel alloy: 62-64 HRC: knives stay sharp longer
  • 100% HAND-FORGED