Item Descriptions:
Anygig Portable Traveler Guitar
-Ola Englund review our guitar you can watch the vedio online!

We will carefully test every item before shipment.
The quality is guaranteed! Gig anytime & anywhere! Branded and high quality.
Main concept of Anygig design is “Simple”, “Balanced design”, “Portable” and “Stable function”.
We designed “Anygig” to keep general scale length.
25.5 inch scale length (Bass 34 inch scale)
Anygig are the preferred choice for thousands of students and enthusiasts with their perfect balance of high quality and user friendly design.
The AGB model which is Bass guitar model series is the ideal choice for beginners and enthusiasts alike.
Anygig allows you to practice and improve your guitar skills anywhere.
It is extremely portable and makes it the ultimate go anywhere.
Ergonomic design, compact size, easy to carry, available for you to practice anywhere.
Feature :
– Anygig portable and durable.
– Anygig Strapholder & Armrest Bone.
– Anygig Strap holder is special shape of strap holder keep holding guitar with strap during the part for comfortable playing.
We provide 1 piece of Armrest with screw & felt washer on assembled condition and it is user-friendly.
You can assemble the armrest by yourself on the position which you feel comfortable!
Light weight guitar, net weight just 1.5Kg!

Product Features

  • Reviewer: Ola Englund, Gig Anytime & Anywhere.
  • Anygig Strapholder & Armrest Bone
  • Bass Guitar, Net weight just 1.5Kg
  • 4 Fret String,34″ Scale
  • Ola Englund review our guitar you can watch the vedio online!