Chromatic Harmonica Key of C 10 Hole 40 Tones with Case Heavy Duty Produce Half Notes for Professional Player,Band, Adult Beginner,Students, Kids- Silver
This is an elegant harmonica designs for both professional players and beginners, music band, adult and little masters. If you are looking for high quality harmonica that makes awesome music and able to play complex songs with both full keys and half notes keys, this chromatic harmonica is your wise choice!

– Top grade stainless steel button for easy switching between full notes and half notes in key of C.
-Exquisite Round Holes with smooth edges, easy to slide across on holes and produce purer sound.
-Anti-corrosion phosphor bronze reed and copper content with nice bright tones for your smooth and effortless plays.
-Each chromatic harmonica embodies a piece of craftsmanship by human hand and precision instrument machine.
-Each chromatic harmonica is carefully tuned and tested during manufacturing to ensure best sound and quality.

Harmonica Specification:
Key: C 
10 Hole 40 Tones
Color: Silver
Dimensions: 5.1″x1.5″x1″ (LXWXH)
-Reeds: Phosphor Bronze
-Plate: Copper
-Cover: Stainless Steel
What Will You Get
1x Chromatic Harmonica
1x Plastic Storage case
1xCleaning cloth

Product Features

  • Harmonica with “Black Keys”- This Chromatic Harmonica (Key C) can play half notes like the piano black keys! It has 10 hole 40 tones, allows you to play full range of songs and suitable for all styles of music. This chromatic harmonica can definitely produce amazing and complex songs while a simple harmonica can not do!
  • Quick Half Notes Switch- Top grade stainless steel switch button on the right to allow quick and easy switching between full notes and half notes and anti-deformation for years of use.
  • Beautiful Sound- Phosphor bronze sound spring with anti-corrosion copper content for anti-aging, making the whole harp playing more stable and saving effort. Sound elegant, beautiful and strong enough, voice are stable and natural. This chromatic harmonica is a good choose for professional player ,band, adult beginner, and little masters!
  • Exquisite & Well Craftsmanship-This chromatic harmonica is with smooth Round Hole surface, that helps to produce more stable and purer sound.With stable structure and excellent air tightness to minimizes moisture absorption, and brings louder and clearer sound.
  • Easy to Use- The chromatic harmonic is in standard key of C, which press the button on the right, you will get half notes like the piano black keys.There are 10 round holes, and each hole has 4 tones. (Please check the product image to understand more.) Each chromatic harmonica is carefully tuned and tested during manufacturing to ensure best sound and quality. Package includes 1x Chromatic Harmonica,1x Harmonica Plastic Case;1x Cleaning Cloth.