The Allora MXPT-5801 pocket trumpet is perfect for players who want an eye-catching horn as well as a great sound. The pocket trumpet’s compact size makes it especially well-suited for travel, beginners, and little trumpeters. Its compact size makes the 5801 a great trumpet any time space is limited, and also makes muting much more convenient. Available finished in lacquer, lacquer rose brass, gold-plated, and silver.

Product Features

  • Key: BbBore: .459-inchLeadpipe: standardLeadpipe material: yellow brassBell: 3.66-inchBell material: yellow brassValves: 3 stainless steel piston1st valve slide adjustment: N/A3rd valve slide adjustment: fixed ringFeatures: stainless steel valves; 3rd valve slide ring; two water keysCase: lightweight case with nylon exterior and exterior accessory pocketMouthpiece: 7c trumpet mouthpieceFinishes: lacquer, lacquer rose brass, gold-plated, silver