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The Banjo lele is a four stringed instrument with a small banjo type body and a fretted concert size ukulele neck that was very popular in the ’20s & ’30s. It features the distinctive sound of a banjo and the small scale tuning and playing style of a Ukulele. The instrument uses standard ukulele tuning of G-C-E-A.
Neck – Maple Wood
Back and Side – Maple Wood
Frets – 18pcs copper fretwire-exquisite material,resistance to abrasion and embroider,good sound.
Tuners – Chrome Geared Closed Tuning Pegs can make sure strings and tones stable.
Fretboard – Maple Wood fingerboard-hard material,corrosion resistance,comfortable touch.
With Black Plastic Inlays and Neck Binding
Strings – Pre-strung with Premium Aquila String Made In Italy,guarantee of quality.
Special Design of the Banjo Head:Clear With Spider pattern.SO COOL!
Instrument weight – 1190g (2.62lb)
Total length – 58.5cm (23.03″)
Drum size – 21.5cm (8.46″)
Distance from nut to 12th fret About 19.6cm (7.716″)
There are Two Accessories will coming with the Banjo lele :
Banjo lele bag:High Quality Durable Nylon Lined Covered Light Weight Soft Bag
Tuner:Genuine JOYO Digital Tuner,Great to Use
Package included:
1Pcs of Banjo lele
1 Pcs Banjo lele Bag
1 Pcs Joyo Tuner

Product Features

  • Neck and Back and Side – Maple Wood
  • Fretboard – Maple Wood fingerboard
  • Frets – 18pcs
  • Special Design of the Banjo Head:Clear With Spider pattern.
  • Package included: 1Pcs of Banjo lele, 1 Pcs Banjo lele Bag, 1 Pcs Joyo Tuner