This top of the line Agility Winds oboe is completely handmade with a composite of Grenadilla wood and resin, which allows for suburb sound without ever cracking. The keys are Silver Plated Nickel Silver, and the Tapered Tone Holes are Undercut. French leather pads and skin pads (on low C and below) are meticulously adjusted for a secure fine-tuning. Complete full conservatory key work is standard: Left hand F, forked F resonance, low Bb vent key, D#-E trill, Banana Key, and even a 3rd octave key. It comes with a French style case, Zippered Case Cover, and a 5-year Warranty.

Product Features

  • Forked F Resonance Key, Side F Key, 3rd Octave key, Low Bb Vent •G#-A trill, articulated B-C# mechanism, French Style Case and Cover 5 year Warranty