Accord Cases are incredibly popular among professionals and students and we are delighted to offer them as one of the lightest and most resilient cello cases available on the market, the Accord Standard Cello Case! By working with carbon composite materials, Accord has designed unique instrument cases at half the weight of other models on the market, while providing extraordinary strength which guarantees the instrument’s protection at all times. Moreover, the Accord cases are smaller in size than regular models which makes them perfect for those who travel frequently or just like the flexibility of having a compact case. Their unique design, which follows the shape of the instrument, ensures the product’s strength but also its compact size. Offering the best quality possible, the Accord models are handcrafted by expert makers giving the customer the option to customize their case. The available customization options include calligraphy in silver and gold letters, picture and logos under the varnish. Weighing only 5.8 lbs. (2.8 kg) and having an estimated strength of 40 kilo crush resistance, the Standard Cello Case is the most popular model Accord has to offer. The model is aimed at cellists who require an extremely lightweight case that can withstand extremely rough conditions during travelling. A foam interior and spare cushions ensure that the instrument will stay protected at all times. Its two back straps make the case extremely comfortable to carry around. The case also features a detachable pocket so that you can always take your music sheet with you wherever you go.

Product Features

  • The most balanced weight/strength ratio, Strong case with an estimated strength of 40 kilo crush resistance
  • Extremely lightweight, Basic models includes Accord’s standard color options except silver metallic
  • High-glossy finish, Two back straps, Foam interior with spare sets cushions
  • Detachable pocket, Weighs just 5.8 lbs. (2.8 kg)
  • Comes in four different models that match the size and shape of any instrument