A Tempo Percussion’s Tocador Cajon is made in Peru, considered by most to be the birthplace of the cajon as an instrument. The body panels of this cajon are made from select pieces of solid Tropical Walnut and Monterey Pine that are fashioned by hand into A Tempo’s eye catching Escalonado pattern and then joined using the sturdy dovetail technique. The front features a multi-ply Spanish Cedar and Lupuna tapa (playing surface) and the back is made from Tropical Walnut and Lupuna. Tocador Cajon features snare wires placed in the traditional flamenco “W” configuration. The result is a cajon with the deep, solid bass of a Peruvian cajon and the snap and sizzle of a Flamenco cajon. The cajon is finished in an attractive, furniture-grade satin finish. Includes free gig bag!

Product Features

  • Tocador is a Flamenco snare cajon that provides the deep, solid bass of a Peruvian cajon (Cajon Peruano) with all of the snap and sizzle of the traditional guitar string snare.
  • The larger, Peruvian dimensions create a the deeper bass and an easier to play instrument.
  • Artisans painstakingly create the panels for the body of the cajon by selecting and using individual pieces of Tropical Walnut and Monterey Pine. Once the panels are created, the cajon is built using dovetail joints and then finished in a furniture-grade satin finish.
  • Crafted by hand in Peru
  • Includes a free gig bag.