Westco continually strive for new product innovations, and seek out and develop products that meet exacting expectations of quality, safety and musicality. Westco Music instruments are valuable tools to empower and positively impact the lives of those who play them or instruct with them. They are very often used in cross-curricular experiences both in home-schooling and classroom environments in order to create richer and higher levels of engagement.

Product Features

  • This red plastic resonator bell set includes D5 and A5 bells as well as two plastic mallets 7-1/4? in length.
  • This set of two resonator bells is perfect for classroom use.
  • Help your students learn to recognize pitches and intervals or use them as a non-intrusive way to indicate when to start and stop activities.
  • They can also be a great tool for helping young singers learn solfege and how to return to a pitch “home.”
  • The perfect materials for any classroom!