Lute is brand new. It is 9 course Renaissance lute. It was built by master luthiers Saadettin SANDI and his son Bahadir SANDI. We are very well known luthiers in Turkey and in many other countries. We are exporting our products. Our company name is CANKAYA MUSIC. You can check our website and get more information. This instrument is professional quality and has a wonderful tone and craftmanship. Body, neck and pegbox is made of Mahogany. All woods are solid and dried in special conditions for over 10 years. Soundboard is best quality European spruce. All inlays are also handmade with perfect workmanship. Pegs are Akaju. Fingerboard and saddle is Pelesenge. This is a professional quality Renaissance lute. I’m sure you will like its deep and soft sound. String length is 60 cm. Body length is 48 cm. Body width is 34,5cm. Body depth is 17,5cm. Neck length is 23,5cm It will be sent with a wooden hardcase covered with artificial skin. So you don’t need to worry about shipment risks. Shipment will be done via Standard Mail Service. Delivery time may vary between 10-30days. Please watch the video of our 6 course renaissance lute played by one of our customers;

Product Features

  • Professional Quality 13 Course Baroque Lute