There are twelve sets of metal jingles on the tambourine.
They are not tunable and should not be adjusted. All adjustments should be done to the screws.
Size: 7.9x 2.2 inches. The musical instrument comes in a craft box.
A great percussion instrument for primary-school classes and for the church choir too. Perfectly pitched, and easy to use.

Product Features

  • This tunable tambourine lets you customize your percussion instrument. This tambourine features 7 tension lugs, and a top-quality drumhead which was made without harming any animals and is much stronger than lambskin and less influenced by air temperature.
  • This drum is approximately 8 inches in diameter, light, and easy to hold in your hand. By tightening or loosening the drumhead you can adjust the sound that is produced.
  • Increased tension produced a higher pitched sound, whereas lower tension results in a lower pitched sound.
  • Use the included key to adjust the screws on the side of the tambourine. Turning the key clockwise tightens it and turning it counterclockwise loosens it.
  • There are six screws and it is important to tighten/loosen them evenly. A great musical instrument for kids and adults.