This is a small hand held ‘Gongs Unlimited’ 8 inch Chau Gong with a mallet. This small gong was loud enough to inspire Van Halen on MTV way back when. The High C Gong Stand is a ‘Gongs Unlimited’ exclusive made from a specific mold designed for them with feet that screw in to stay balanced.

Product Features

  • Our Chinese gongs are made in Wuhan China by the same gong makers who make the recognized name brands. The only difference: We don’t put a big ink stamp on the front to make it ugly.
  • We don’t ship until we personally check the sound of each gong.
  • Unless noted, all our gongs are high quality bronze. It’s some good soundin’ metal!
  • If you have specific sonic needs, contact us and we will work to satisfy them.
  • Need to hear this gong? Contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a sound sample or play it for you live!