These 67 bugle calls were written by John Philip Sousa. They were originally found in his A Book of Instruction for the Field Trumpet and Drum.Full song list:
Assembly of Trumpeters, Assembly, Reveille, Retreat, Tattoo, Extinguish Lights (Taps), Mess, Sick, School, Church, Drill, Fatigue, Re-call, Assembly of Guard Details, Dress Parade, First Sergeant’s Call, Adjutant’s Call, The General, Fire Alarm, To Arms, Rogue’s March, To The Color, Charge, Officer’s Call, Flourish for Review, Attention, Forward, Halt, Quick Time, Double Time, Lie Down, Rise Up, Guide Right, Guide Left, Guide Center, Fours Right, Fours Left, Fours Right – About, Fours Left – About, Column Right, Column Left, Right Oblique, Left Oblique, Right Front into Line, Left Front into Line, On Right into Line, On Left into Line, Commence Firing, Cease Firing, By the Right Flank, By the Left Flank, “Skirmishers, Attention!”, Face to Rear, To the Rear, Company Right Wheel, Company Left Wheel, Deploy, Rally by Fours, Rally by Company, General’s march, Funeral March (Three bugles, ad lib.), President’s March, Quickstep No. 1, Quickstep No. 2, Quickstep No. 3, Quickstep No. 4 (2 bugles), Quickstep No. 5 (2 bugles)

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