This Harp is approximately 52″ high. Featuring 29 DuPont hard nylon strings and 9 wire-wound metal strings, with full 38 Cam Levers. Strings are color coded Red for C and Blue for F. The range is from 3nd F below Middle C to the 3rd A above Middle C. It has a beautiful satin finish on the rosewood frame. The solid Spanish spruce soundboard is unfinished for a bright voice. The knee and pillar are positioned off center to maintain the vertical alignment of the strings. Four solid rosewood feet support the harp.

Included for Free ~ 3 Harp Books.

1) Fun with the Folk Harp – Want to get started playing the harp? This book will show you how. Written explanations and plenty of songs help you play right away. You are introduced to the symbols used in harp music, the basics of note reading, and fingering. There are new pieces, old pieces, silly pieces, and serious pieces for you to play. And there is a part showing you how to care for your harp and replace strings. Take this book home and learn on your own, or take it to a teacher and get some specialized help. It works both ways!

2) Arranging for Folk Harp by Kim Robertson: This book illustrates a variety of accompaniment patterns and arrangement techniques for the folk harpist. The procedure taught in this book will enable the intermediate to advanced harper to play any melody beautifully on the pedal free harp.

3) Easy Celtic Harp Solos by Star Edwards: Evoke the traditional sounds of the Celtic lands with these instrumental arrangements of songs for solo Celtic harp. These 25 tunes are Manx, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Cornish, Hebridean, and Bretton, including pieces by Turlough O’Carolan and Robert Burns. Notes at the end of the book give insights into the meanings of the texts of the songs, aiding interpretation and inviting you to experience the ambience of the Celtic lands through their music. Lyrics for selected songs are given in the notes in English.


Product Features

  • 3 Harp books free (shipped separately)
  • Solid rosewood frames with spruce soundboard
  • 1-year warranty on the frame and a 5-year warranty on the soundboard
  • Approximately 52″ high along the tallest side
  • 38 Cam levers, 38 Strings