432HZ CDEFGABC Perfect Sound Therapy Quartz-Clear Color Crystal Harp-Perfect Musical Instrument Including Free Alumina Carrying Box.
Musical Note: Perfect 5th octave CDEFGABC6 in 440HZ or 432HZ Standard(Please Leave message).
Color: Clear.
Gift: 2 Pcs Crystal Mallets and 1 Pcs Rubber Mallet.
Shipment:Within 2 Days

Do-Re-Mi Crystal Singing Bowls Factory has professional team for Manufacturing,Tone tuning,Carving,Color Plating and Packing
1-We can produce regular crystal singing bowls, handle crystal singing bowls, chalice&grail crystal singing bowls,crystal singing bells, crystal singing tuning forks, crystal singing Pyramids& Merkaba, crystal singing harp and so forth.
2-We can tone tuning, so any perfect pitch from 3th octave to 4th octave to 5th octave to 6th octave , C C sharp D D sharp E F F sharp G G sharp A A sharp B C and any exact frequency are all available. the standard can be 440HZ or 432HZ.
3-We can carve any design or logo from customer.
4-Color: There are million kinds,we can plate any color, single color ,mixed color or 24k gold or platinum.  

Product Features

  • 432HZ or 440 CDEFGABC Perfect Sound Therapy
  • Clear color crystal Harp
  • Free Alumina Carrying Box
  • Perfect 5th octave CDEFGABC6
  • Sound Therapy