This BanjoUke SideKick is a brand new Tenor Banjolele. The great news is that, even though you play it with ukulele chords, it sounds just like a banjo. But, unlike a banjo, it’s as light as a uke!! It’s also very loud. Ukulele Underground review says:- “So happy I got the SideKick before the maker realises the instrument is worth more than he’s charging for it” Designed in New Zealand, assembled in China, our BanjoUke SideKick has been priced to be the best value instrument in its class. Others ask more for a tiny soprano than we do for a tenor! We use only the best materials, layered birch drum, rosewood fretboard, mahogany neck. The precision engineered tuning pegs (they hold on tight!), Aquila strings and Nashville tailpiece complete the ensemble. We know you’ll love our creation. Also included: – Naomi electronic tuner – padded gig bag – fully adjustable shoulder strap – tuning peg tightener – Allen head neck adjuster – drum tensioner PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Instrument weight – 650gms (1.5lb) Packaged weight – 1.6kg (3.3ib) Total length – 64cm (25.19″) Drum size – 20cm (8″) Frets – 18 Distance from nut to 12th fret – 21.5cm (8.464″) Tuning – GCEA Fretboard – rosewood with mother of pearl inlay Neck – solid mahogany Drum – seven layer birch Strings – Aquila Supernylgut Drum head – high impact polyvinyl Drum pattern – Polynesian tattoo or plain Tailpiece – Nashville non-adjustable Type: Pure White

Product Features

  • tenor banjo ukulele pure white
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