Sixth sense presents this pair of hunting horn made from original polished buffalo horn. It is about 16 to 18 inches in height, we can keep it in decoration rack to maintain your home décor. This larger sounding horn comes sans reed and takes a bit of practice to use, but rewards those who are up to the challenge with the much deeper sound of a war horn. Like with the Lords that came before, the low, long call of the horn will stir the warrior hearts of your allies and strike fear into the bones of your enemies.

Product Features

  • Wishing & Cheering Horn with Great and Natural Sound
  • Each bugle is made from original polished horn.
  • 17 – 19″ Inch from tip to rim
  • Weight : 220 – 260 g. For Foot Ball and Birth Day Wishing and Cheering Horn
  • Each horn is different because of its curve and colors that varies for each original horn