This listing includes the gong of your choice, stand and mallet.

This stand is simple, pure and strong. It is a poetry that is inextricably fused with the manufacture that makes us contemplate the young poet Rimbaud meeting up the celluloid fleck of testosterone called Rambo.

Stand Measurements:
Adjustable Height: 55″-61″
Length: 44″
Width: 30″

✯✯ The Gongs Offered: ✯✯

Atlantis Gong: The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs!

Chau Gong: is a gong for when you need a presence. It is a gong that is a bodyguard to smaller gongs. This a gong that will always love you, devoted almost, but not quite to a fault.

Chocolate Drop Gong: Thick deep tones. It starts from a nice deep fundamental, then will splash and crash.

Dark Star Gong: Deep deep tones. While the thickness of metal keeps the gong deep in tone, the lathing of the bronze in the center, brings out an interesting musicality and flow.

Galactic Ring Gong: Play it, and you feel your ‘once upon a time’ past, but you desire a future of travel amidst the stars once again.

Lunar Flare Gong: A deep sound, though not as sharp as its sister, the Solar Flare Gong. The rim focuses the sound which lingers pleasantly.

Mother Tesla Gong: It does not crash or splash. Good for being meditative or keeping the mood profound.

Solar Flare Gong: The unlathed parts control the crash and splash. The rings concentrate the tones and it does not open up sound-wise like a fully lathed gong.

Subatomic Gong: A propensity to create sounds that are great for healers in that the frequency it creates is great to help with energies that you or your client might not want to look at.

Wind Gong: You can find many different notes when playing this gong in different locations and with various mallets.

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