Rossetti has been a wold leader in the accordion industry since 1995. From Piano to Button Accordions, we have been copied by many but equaled by none. Rossetti Accordions were developed by professional musicians are known for their quality, sound and endurance. Rossetti is a patented trade name of Stellar International Music Corporation. Dimensions: Length 12.5 inches, High 13 inches and Width 8 inches. Accordion Weight 13 Lb approximately.

Product Features

  • Rossetti 3112 GCF SOL Volcano Button Accordion 31 Button 12 Bass with Case and Straps Black/Gold/Black
  • Volcano by Rossetti Accordion 31 Keys with 12 Bass GCF/Sol
  • Features Italian style decorations with pearlescent color and unique designs
  • Includes an adjustable left hand strap, double strap hooks on each side of the accordion with bellow strap and a premium hard case with leather accordion straps
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity and unique serial number for each accordion