This musical instrument is great for students who are learning music.
The tones of this musical instrument are quite impressive. The sound is clean, clear and can help you achieve perfect pitch.
You can learn notes and how to read music, yourself or with your child, or you can play in a family band.
This musical instrument comes into a wooden case. Size: 15x10x2 inches.

Product Features

  • Portable two-colored 25-note chromatic scale xylophone with great sound. Durable, large and stable. A great percussion instrument for school classes. Perfectly pitched, and easy to use.
  • The glockenspiel (all keys are metal) is attached firmly to the inside of the case and does not lift out. It has 2 octaves starting with G and ending with G.
  • Although is can be used by children, this actually can be used by adults to make music. It is recommended for children above 4 years old, teens or adults.
  • A xylophone with rainbow-colored bells is wonderful for young children. However, if an older child tries to play a more seriously melody, the glockenspiel with colored bells can be confusing. It not easy to play if all bells have different color notes.
  • This one has 2 note colors, which makes it easier to play. The hard wooden box protects the instrument and allows for easy storage. Comes with two wooden mallets which have long thin handles, which may not be safe for kids under 4.