Product description
✿Best drum set for kids playing instead of watching TV or playing video games what is harmful to the eyes.
✿Best choice for kids who has a interest of becoming a rock star in the future.
✿This 5 pieces drum set is complete a real drum set designed for the little drummer what is sturdy to hold up to your child’s recreation.

➤Durable real wood drum shell
➤Exceellent gift for Christmas or birthday
➤Drumsticks including in the package
➤Set up easily,Adjustable padded drum throne
➤Product Size:16″ x 11″ Bass drum, 10″ x 6″ and 8″x5”Tom Drum,12″x5 ” Floor drum

Package Content
➤5 Pieces Drum sets
➤All the accessories are included

Product Features

  • ★BETTER MATERIAL-Real Wood Shells,high gloss finish all drums,and the drum skin adopts double-layer oil skin, good elasticity and longer use time
  • ★GOOD WORKMANSHIP-The bottom of the drum has a ringing chord, and when the drums are played, the chord and the drum surface resonate, causing the music to sound
  • ★BASS AND TOM DRUM BRACKET-Adjust the angles for playing drums.The screws can be adjusted, drums can be well protected ,enhancing the resonance effect. The music is more contagious played through the drums
  • ★ACCESSORY INCLUDING-Bass drum,Tom Drums, snare Drum,snare Stand,Hi hat Stand & Cymbals,mounted Cymbal,drum Stool,bass drum pedal,drum Key and drum Sticks
  • ★PRODUCT DIMENSION-16″ x 11″ Bass drum, 10″ x 6″ and 8″x5”Tom Drum,12″x5 ” Floor Drum