Hand engraved and Polished. great Craftsman ship. Deluxe Carrying Case like a suitcase style. SOLID WOOD NOT CHEAP CHINESE STUFF. Hand made and hand polished. Hand Carved design on Sound Box. Extra Set of Strings and Tuning Key Included, Free Carrying Case with Zipper and Water resistant Material. SPECIAL NOTE No Warranty on Strings: Whether you purchase an instrument from us or any other sellers, We recommend that you change the strings as soon as you receive it. Your instrument has completed a long journey to your home. During this time the strings WILL oxidize and this may shorten their life expectancy and may reduce their sound quality. On occasion instruments may arrive with a broken string, therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing your strings as soon as it arrives. there are several videos online for new harps, kindly take your time to watch the videos that will explain everything you need for new harp or starting harp journey