Yes! This is a combo, which includes the gong, gong stand, and mallet. You cannot get the Chocolate Drop gong anywhere else but Gongs Unlimited! Based on a Chau Gong, that is the bullseye design with a rim, we removed the outer ring. What this does is give you a bit more response and shimmer and splash. It is not a crash like a Wind Gong, but more! It has a bouncier, more lively tone, and faster response when you strike it. Strike it lightly and you get gentle clean depth. Depth to exultant flourish in one gong. The Holding Space Gong Stand is perfect for those gong enthusiasts who are prefer something less ornate, we offer this simple circular metal gong stand. Tubular, and light in weight, this gong is perfect for light or moderate playing. However, it is not for heavy, consistent playing. Minor assembly required. You need to tighten 2 screws! Gong Diameter: 22″ Gong Stand Measurements: Height: 33″ Width: 30.5″ Depth of Feet: 17.5″

Product Features

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