NOT HOME® Ukulele Kit comes with everything you need to start playing today.

One excellently crafted Ukulele with splendid auxiliary auxiliary sets all are well packaged in one case.

You can play it wherever you want when you unfold the box, in the beach with the sunshine, in the park, at home, garden, etc..

Abundant Natural Color Choice:

Passionate Red, Calm Black, Lovely Pink, Classic Burlywood, Profund Coffee, Mint Green, Light Purple and Sky Blue.

Product Description:

♬ Material: Basswood Top back and Linden Back side
♬ Size: 21 inch Hawaiian Ukulele
♬ High-quality design and manufacture: Wooden fingerboard, nature texture, strong corrosion resistance, hard to deform. Barrel body design, smooth lines.
♬ Enjoy the Music: Free your mind following the dulcet rhythm, share your happiness with your family and friends, pass your beauty to passer-by.

Package Including:

–1* 21 inch Guitar
–1* Big Cotton Bag
–1* Tuner (battery included)
–1* Spare String

Product Features

  • ♫ Basewood Ukulele Body: Melodious tone feedback; painted with eco friendly paint, no harm to human and nature .
  • ♫ Open Tuning Design and Strong Peg: More convenient for tuning, and more difficult to go out of tune.
  • ♫ Four high-quality Nylon Strings and Accurate Frets: Guaranteeing highly precise intonation, much easier to start learning and get stable brilliant performance.
  • ♫ 21″ Standard Ukulele: Cute size for kids and girls to play, more portable for carrying when you go camping and traveling.
  • ♫ Full Excellent Ukulele Accessories Sets for Starting to Play: 1×Carriable Storage Bag + 1×Tuner + 1×Spare Original String + 1× Triangular Plectrum