What’s the advantage of this ukulele beginner bundle?

Premium Ukulele Starter Kit with Cattle bone nuts:
High density, hold the strings tightly, keep in tune

Position Mark on the Fingerboard:
Totally 18 frets, marked at 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 14 frets, easy to read

Smooth Tuning Pegs and Totally Enclosed Chrome Tuning Heads:
Will not do harm to strings, easy to tune, protect the screws from dust entering

Adopt Aquila Nylon Strings for this musical instrument:
This wooden ukulele used 4 premium nylon strings, will not stretch or broken easily

AAA Indonesian Rosewood Fingerboard/Bridge:
Nice grain, easy to paint, offers bright and full sound for this 26 inch tenor ukulele

Metal Geared Tunning Head and Real Cattle Bone Nut:
Fix the strings of this hawaiian ukulele in right position, hold its tune, will not slide easily

AAA Imported Mahogany Ukulele:
Best-qualified material, AAA mahogany top/back/side/neck with dreadnought body, producing a full and warm sound

How to tune your ukulele by using a tuner?
1. Press the power button and hold 2 seconds to turn on the tuner
2. Clip the tuner on your instrument, adjust the tuner for best viewing angle.
3. Play a single note and the tuner displays the note name.
When the needle moves to the left side and LCD display changes to blue, it indicates the note is flat while the right side indicates sharp note.
If it moves to the middle and the screen changes to green, the note is in tune.

What’s included in the package?
1 X Ukulele Instrument
1 X Gig Bag

Product Features

  • High Quality Mahogany Wooden:Ukulele adopt qualified AAA mahogany material for top, back, side and neck with matte finished, which provides a sharp-looking and comfortable feeling. The mahogany has a lower density, producing warm tone, bright high pitch and excellent portamento. uke with real wood body for beautiful tone.
  • Rosewood Fingerboard /Bridge: Rosewood is widely used in traditional ukulele fingerboard. Its grain is so nice and easy to paint. It offers full, warm, bright sound and excellent resonance. The Soprano Ukulele Installed premium Nylon strings to make sure this wood ukulele produces the best sound it can
  • Chrome Geared Metal Tuning Heads:The closed chrome geared metal tuning heads keep the uke in tune.It is as simple as tightening a screw.They do an excellent job of locking the strings and will not slide.meanwhile,metal heads will not crack easily
  • A Awesome Gift: This ukulele is a great gift for kids on Christmas/New Year/Thanksgiving/Birthday/Party, small size and light weight also fits students or beginner adults.Best Uke Instrument for beginners start to play ,You are worth it!!
  • Package:Come with ukulele starter kit,include tuner, gig bag. 100% Quality Guarantee,If you have any questions for hawaiian ukulele or use ,pls free to contact us at any time ,we will try our best to provide help and solve problem as soon as possible