Digital volume controls with independent volume controls for tune, drone and metronome

More than 1 octave pitch selection

Practise time indicator.

ASDM – Autosave of current settings plus an extra set of settings can be saved in memory.

Line-out and Sync-Out (to connect to Taalmala) are provided

Size: 230 x 135 x 90 mm, Weight: 1 kg

Product Features

  • 2014-2015 model, with USA power zone and power adapter plug
  • The Sunadamala Zx is an advanced digital lehra that is a boon to all tabla artists and students as well as for Kathak dancers.
  • 200 tunes in 20 talas plus 4 tunes of 100 matras each, that can be composed and stored in memory
  • Easy harmonium-type interface for composing tunes 8 voice choices, including realistic true Harmonium tones of single-, double- and triple-reed harmonium
  • LCD display to indicate the tune, raga and tala selected, as also the pitch, tempo and matra display Metronome facility with multiple laya choice: Dugun, Trigun, Chaugun and Khand