This combo includes the gong of your choice, stand, and mallet.

Stand Measurements:
Length: 33″
Height: 35″
Depth of Base: 27″

✯✯✯✯✯ Gongs Offered: ✯✯✯✯✯

Atlantis Gong: Dark and mysterious, each instance of this gong will have different coloration and random, varying harmonics and overtones.

Bright Chau Gong: For when you need a lot of sound in a small space..the floor with crystal singing bowls, on a table to announce an event, in a garden to help your gnomes relax…

Brisk Wind Gong: This gong can get a lot brighter and splashier than the traditional Wind Gong! It is a little lighter and more responsive. It is made more like a cymbal than a gong.

Chau Gong: Balanced sound with a concentrated, deeper tone up front, building to a controlled crash of a range of overtones and harmonics.

Chocolate Drop Gong: The outer ring is lathed away, adding cleanliness and clarity to the balanced fundamental tone.

Dark Star Gong: Clarified, clean tone and musicality, yet maintaining moodiness.

Galactic Ring Gong: Lower tones of unlathed bronze with higher pitches gained from its two lathed rings.

Lunar Flare: The rim that focuses the lighter tones that emanate from the concentric lathed rings.

Mother Tesla Gong: Very dark and fundamental-tone focused. Unlathed with dark, mid-range harmonics and overtones.

Solar Flare Gong: This gong has no rim. The overall crash has a more drawn-out, concentrated range of tones.

Subatomic Gong: Deep and balanced. Complex harmonics and overtones. Clarified, musical finish.

White Gong: Bright & airy with a quick crash. Rim controls some of that crash, giving clarity to the overall sound.

Wind Gong: A crashing, celebratory gong with an emphasis on the bright wash of overtones and harmonics.

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