The traditional rainsticks originated in northern Chile where they are used in ceremonies to bring rain. Made from the skeleton of the capado cactus: when the cactus dies it is dried, hollowed out, and filled with small seeds or pebbles. Small nails are driven through the hull of the cactus in a spiral formation, and when the rainstick is inverted the fill striking the nails creates the sound of water falling. As you use your rainstick the seeds will polish and develop an even finer sound. These rainsticks will not wear out, they only wear in. Due to the natural materials used, this instrument is somewhat fragile in nature and will need to be handled with care.

Product Features

  • Traditional-style rainstick, made from the Copado cactus.
  • Decorated with a colorful woven fabric band (colors and styles will vary).
  • Due to the natural materials used, sizes will vary; the average size is about 20″ long.