Our 2-Piece Musical Steel Triangle Set with Striker will make a truly excellent present for each and every kind of child! We are completely convinced that our products are the best you will find online. This might sound like a bold claim, however it’s simply because we are so very devoted to providing complete satisfaction with every product we have to sell.

Our 2-Piece Musical Steel Triangle Set with Striker contains all you need for a mini marching band: two steel triangles with strikers. This fun duo of instruments is superb for messing around with, and is safe for any and every style of musical play you could hope for! So, if you want to put a grin on your child’s face, call some friends over, pick up a couple of triangles, and get the kids making music!

– Excellent for rocking out with friends

– Top quality materials

– Great method of discovering a hidden skill

– Two instruments means a wide range of musical choices

– Lifetime money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, let us know!

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Product Features

  • ✅HELPS LEARNING – Playing with musical toys is a tried and true way of aiding children to learn about their world, and the happy feelings that come from mastering a new skill is excellent for a child’s development. When your child discovers they can successfully learn to play a new instrument, they will gain valuable confidence.
  • ✅TWO INSTRUMENTS – With two instruments included in the set, you have all you need for your child and their best friend to begin making music together!
  • ✅FIND A SECRET SKILL – You’ll never know if you don’t try! Your child could be the next Ringo Starr or Jimi Hendrix, but there’s only one way to find out for sure – get them playing!
  • ✅FUN JAMMING – Our 2-Piece Musical Steel Triangle Set with Striker comes with two triangles complete with strikers, which are wonderful for contributing to jamming sessions with friends. If your child fancies a shot at fame and fortune on the music scene, this is the way to begin!
  • ✅BRILLIANT QUALITY – As usual, all our instruments are crafted from the highest quality materials, which means they are extremely resilient and tough to break, even with enthusiastic play!