This listing includes the gong of your choice, gong stand, and mallet.

Gongs Unlimited’s Sacred Space Outdoor Gong Stand is perfect for your garden, backyard, other landscaped area. Its design is reminiscent of a Japanese torii gate. Placed at the entrance of shrines, crossing through the torii gate reminds you that the sacred is near.

The Sacred Space Outdoor Gong Stand has legs that go easily into the earth with a simple push. The stand’s paint should last for a few years in regular weather before it needs a touch up. Bronze gongs are fine outside, and can develop some attractive patina over time. (If you want to clean your gong, we have cleaners for that, and you can contact us with questions.)

This combo comes with a mallet but because it is wood and fabric, we suggest that you do not leave the mallet outside in the elements. Keep calm and carry your mallet with you to your sacred space.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 29″
Height: 32″
Inner Width: 20″
Inner Height: 23″
Depth of Feet: 20″
Length of Legs: 7″

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