This comes with gong, stand and mallet! Circles within circles, worlds within worlds, the ‘O’ (or ‘Au’ en francais) has a long and storied history. In fact, (en anglais), you can’t spell ‘story’ without ‘o’ or ‘history’ without ‘story’ and so it goes, an ever-widening gyre in which the ‘o’ establishes its born-to-glory provenance as the crown jewel of vowels and all that they encompass. In the world of gongs, nowhere is this whirlpool of symmetry more solidly embodied than in the 14″ Chau on the Au Courant stand! Gong Diameter: 14″ Gong Stand Measurements: Height: 20″ Width: 14″ Depth: 4″ Inside Width Space: 17.5″ Space from Hanging Hooks to Base: 16″

Product Features

  • Our Chinese gongs are made in Wuhan China by the same gong makers who make the recognized name brands. The only difference: We don’t put a big ink stamp on the front to make it ugly.
  • We don’t ship until we personally check the sound of each gong.
  • Unless noted, all our gongs are high quality bronze. It’s some good soundin’ metal!
  • If you have specific sonic needs, contact us and we will work to satisfy them.
  • Need to hear this gong? Contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a sound sample or play it for you live!