Each bowl comes with a pillow and mallet.

Approximate Bowl Measurements:
Bowl Diameter – Rim: 11″/ 28 cm
Bowl Diameter – Center: 12″/ 30 cm
Bowl Weight: 6 lb 3 oz / 2.8 kg
Bowl Height: 8.5″ / 22 cm  
Pillow Diameter: 13″ / 32 cm
Pillow Weight: 1 lb  / 750 g 

This 11″ bowl works best for small group meditations or healings. The tones featured in this bowl are in the third octave.

All the Buddhas rise up and high five with their Buddha hands when they hear you call with this bowl. Call out for the cessation of suffering, despite the suffering, because there can be no transcendence without the pain and separation first, and then the awareness of the pain and separation second, and then the struggle and transcendence from the transitory.

Product Features

  • Unlimited Singing Bowls strives to make your bowl buying experience great! Contact us with questions.
  • Tibetan-style, crystal, antique and artisan bowls. We work with all types.
  • We’ve been selling sound healing instruments since 2005. Work with experts who care.
  • Each bowl is checked, cleaned, and wrapped before we ship.
  • Let’s go bowling together!