10 pieces
Age 12+ years
Instructional DVD – designed to explore the joy of making music with Paul Corbiere and his music class! Features instrument demos and group ensembles to teach proper technique, rhythm and participation to engage and delight all ages.
Claves x 1 Pair – birch wood construction makes these Claves lightweight and easily played by to produce a light, bright sound (6 or 8 x 0.75 inch each).
Latin American Wooden Maracas x 1 pair – hand painted in Mexico with red and green scene. Produces authentic Mexican sounds when shaken (11 x 3.5in.).
Wooden Handle Castanet x 1 – just shake back and forth to create a fun clicking sound (7.75 x 2 in.).
Mini Wooden Conga x 1 – made in hardwood with non-tunable calfskin head and completed with black fabric. Features a thumb port for holding which doubles as a sound hole when played on the floor or table. Includes an adjustable nylon strap (15 x 7.5in.).
Large Ribbed Guiro Crow Sounder with Mallet x 1 – play by striking or scratching with the Mallet (7.75 x 1.75in.).
Starter Bongo Set x 1 – solid hardwood shells and non-tunable, tacked, natural calfskin heads. (12 x 6 x 5.5in. and 12 x 6 x 5in.)

Product Features

  • This upbeat Latin American Rhythm Kit is perfect for introducing a rich variety of multicultural tones and sounds for parties, classes, drama, storytelling, family gatherings, beach parties, camping trips and more
  • Your kit comes with a Conga Drum, a Set of Bongos and a Guiro Crow Sounder with Mallet
  • Also included are 1 pair of Claves, 1 pair of Maracas and 1 Wooden Handle Castanets
  • Set comes with an instructional DVD to help with rhythm, beat, instrument technique and participation. For a more detailed list of contents, please see Description below
  • Under separate listings: 15, 20 and 30 Player Kits as well as Animal Sounds, Sounds of Nature, Island Sounds, Sound Exploration Kit, Multicultural Kit and many more.