The S90 is the hardest piece of the ASHKATAN Student Series, but its voice is not hard for the youngest pupils disobligingly. Its voice fills the room. Its head still light and compact, which makes it easy to use. It produces the most beautiful sounds in the top octaves of marimba, but it also sounded the sounds of the vibraphone as well.The first steps in the play of marimba is learned easily and quickly with this mallet. It can be used for practising xilophone. FOR MORE MALLETS, SEE OUR WEBSITE: ASHKATAN.COM/EN

Product Features

  • Package includes: 10 pairs of Ashkatan Student Series S90 marimba mallets
  • Sound: Hard
  • Handle: Finished maple handle for the perfect durability/flexibility rate
  • Lenght: 41.5 cm / 16.3 inches
  • Website: ASHKATAN.COM/EN